Zope Tools For You

ZTFY is a set of Python packages, availables as eggs, used to handle content management on a web site (like this one) via a Zope 3 environment.

ZTFY packages are made to be simple to use, and only provide voluntarily a small set of features; but these ones are also made to be:

  • extensibles, by adding new components
  • customizable, notably by creating new presentation skins based on default skin overriding.

Features actually provided by ZTFY packages include:

  • handling of site folders tree, based on sections definition
  • handling of an illustrated blog
  • topics publication, using a simplified workflow
  • multilingual support
  • access rights management
  • handling of Google AdSense and Google Analytics services
  • a default skin.

Some extension packages are already available:

  • ztfy.gallery, which allows inclusion of images inside articles
  • ztfy.scheduler, which is used to schedule administration tasks
  • ztfy.zmi, which is used to access 'standard' ZMI functions throught a custom skin.

Next developments should concern:

  • an issue tracker
  • wiki handling
  • forums.

All packages are available on Pypi, or as source code in the Mercurial repository. A ReviewBoard instance is also available, you can use it to send your enhancements proposals.

This site is done to go beyond "simple" documentation already available for most packages (sometimes lightly) through doctests, by giving complete examples of ZTFY packages usage and their integration with standard Zope3 packages. You will also find here some news related to ZTFY packages, as well as informations related to Python and Zope.

Note: you may notice that this site is mainly (and at first) written in french, and translated afterwards to english (when I have enough time for that...). Please just keep in mind that all these developments are made on my spare time and that I do as much as I can ;-)

Mercurial repository update

The Mercurial repository has been updated to prepare incoming packages based on Pyramid framework.

ZTFY.webapp in release 1.1.17

Announce for the last release (1.1.17) or ZTFY packages configuration file.

ZTFY.webapp in release 1.1.13

Announce for the last release (1.1.13) or ZTFY packages configuration file.

ZTFY.webapp release 1.1.0

Announcement of a new 1.1.10 release of ZTFY packages.

New release (1.1.9) of ZTFY.webapp

A new 1.1.9 release of package ZTFY.webapp is now available.

ZTFY.skin 0.4.0

ZTFY.skin package has been released in a new 0.4.0 version, which provides a completely new administration interface look.

Handling transactions in a ZEO connection

Lorsque vous utilisez des connexions ZEO au sein d'une application basée sur ZopeApp/Bluebream, le serveur prend en charge automatiquement le fait de rejouer des transactions plusieurs fois lorsque des conflits se produisent.

Ce court article indique comment prendre en charge simplement cet aspect dans une transaction spécifique.

New ZTFY packages

A new release of ZTFY packages has been published this week. Along with corrections and a few evolutions on older packages, a few list of new packages appeared...

ZTFY.webapp, ZEO and Solaris

Using ZTFY.webapp template allowed me to discover a ZEO bug under Solaris.

Python 2.7 and ZTFY packages

A first positive test seems to validate the good compatibility level of ZTFY packages with Python 2.7.