Release 0.3.1 of ztfy.scheduler

A new release numbered 0.3.1 of ztfy.scheduler package has been published.

This release corrects several problems associated with synchronization of tasks running inside an application configured in "multi-processes" mode; when the "ShelveJobStore" was used to store jobs state and handle this synchronization, the refresh of tasks jobs by the other processes could not be done according to file-system configuration (in some configurations, the last update time of the "shelve" was not updated even after a "sync()").

The new release is getting around this problem by storing the last update time into the shelve and by using a lock to prevent concurrent updates.

This release is not yet included into last release 1.1.6 of ztfy.webapp configuration file; so if you wish to use it, you will have to include it manually into your buildout.