New ZTFY packages

Most ZTFY packages have been updated this week. These updates are based on ZTFY.extfile and ZTFY.file packages, which were modified to allow a better management of "non web" images, which are not in JPEG, PNG or GIF formats. This will allow you, for example, to use TIFF images dans display them as thumbnails in JPEG or PNG format.

Other packages have been added to provide features which can be used in some specific contexts and/or in custom content management applications, including:

  • ztfy.sequence: provides continuous numeric sequences on targeted contents.
  • ztfy.cache : provides a common interface to access Zope3 RAMcache as well as memcached servers.
  • ztfy.mail : provides a single interface to get access to principals mail adresses, which can be used for single principals as well as for groups or LDAP lists.
  • ztfy.ldap: provides an extension to ldappas package which can be used to include into authentication system LDAP groups principals; provided utility can be customized to interact with a common OpenLDAP server as well as an Active Directory server, which doesn't handle groups in the same way. It also provides a pooled LDAP connection, based on ldappool package.
  • ztfy.lock: handles inter-process locks, based on lock files or memcached locks.
  • templer.ztfy : this extension to templer.core allows to create a new ZTFY extension package, ready to be included into a ZTFY environment.

All these packages are already available in Pypi.