New release (1.1.9) of ZTFY.webapp

A new release of ZTFY packages has been published today. All the new packages releases are referenced in a new "ztfy.webapp" configuration file updated in release 1.1.9.

Most updates are mostly internal and cosmetic, linked to the new administration interface skin.

All packages which extend and have also been updated to include these updates.

In the same time, new releases of external packages have been referenced, including:

  • Chameleon 2.11
  • z3c.form 2.9.1
  • z3c.table 1.0.0
  • collective.recipe.modwsgi 1.7
  • fanstatic 0.16
  • hurry.workflow 0.13.1
  • zopyx.txng.core
  • SQLAlchemy 0.7.10

Migrating from a previous release

Migrating from a post-1.1.6 release isn't a problem as configuration wasn't modified; you just have to update your buildout.cfg file and re-laucnh environment buildout.

If you are using "ztfy.scheduler" package in a pre-0.4.0 release, you will have to update it's tasks.